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Goo Kits

Revamp your lamp or build your own!

We at Magma Tower know the meaning of creativity and the joy of building. That is why we have made this easy

"Do It Yourself" kit. You can use our Goo formula to improve current motion lamp or create your own custom lamp.


Creator, Louie Finkle, spent seven years with multiple chemists formulating our Goo to its' lightest potential. He initially attempted to acquire the ingredients from existing manufactures. When this proved to be futile he started the development of his own formula. It took several years of testing different ingredients. The end result allows an empty lamp to be shipped to its location then, to become operational, simply fill with distilled water mixed with the supplied formula.


While basic in principle the exact chemical combinations along with proper heat regulation are actually quite complex. Initially, a heating coil warms the liquid up to the required temperature. Flood lamps provide focused heat to an oil based wax mixture located at the bottom of liquid. When the wax reaches the proper temperature it becomes lighter than the liquid and rises upward through its surroundings. As the wax raises it cools until its density becomes heavier than the surrounding liquid causing it to sink slowly back to the bottom. The cycle continues with a mesmerizing display of uniquely shaped wax formations.

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