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Magma Tower produces the largest lava type motion display lamps in the world. The model MT-270L stands 7 feet tall, with a 12.5 inch diameter and contains over 23 gallons of water. A smaller version, the MT-200L is almost 6 feet tall with a 7.5 inch diameter. Several custom designed applications have been produced with others under current development. They vary from casinos and nightclubs to cruise ships and hospitals.

The existing product line is the result of over four years of research by owner Louie Finkle. Realizing the difficulty and cost of transporting a product of this size filled with its ingredients, he initially attempted to acquire the ingredients from existing manufactures. When this proved to be futile he started the development of his own formula. It took several years of testing different ingredients. The end result allows an empty lamp to be shipped to its location then, to become operational, simply fill with distilled water mixed with the supplied formula.


Any Color You Want

If you want to mesmerize your clientele and make an impression. There is no other lighting in the world to do it better.

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